Children 's Stories 

Having been raised in an Irish/Italian Family--Storytelling was a way of life!  My children's books come from the magical moments of listening to "made-up" stories from my father.  I was an adult when I discovered that Ralph the Pig was fiction!  I continued the tradition, weaving of tales of lovable characters in my children's stories.  At this time, Frederick the Forgetful Rattler is being made into a musical.  I was approached by Frank Sanchez a producer and musician who studied with Stephen Sondheim, I wrote the script, he is writing the score, and my daughter Kacie Michelle, who I collaborated with on many projects including the Broadway bound play The Great Forgotten, is writing the lyrics. 

 Now looking for a home...and a few more illustrations!  If interested please contact 




Writing for children allows me to lose myself in the magic of story.  Children's stories need to above all tell a good tale with funny characters who leave behind a piece of themselves.  I hope my books end up dilapidated from over use.  Sit under an old oak and read the afternoon away!  

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